Buying a utility vehicle such as a van should give you great flexibility and versatility. Unfortunately, vehicles without approved rear seats for vans are not safe for carrying passengers. On the other hand, those with fixed minivan seating do not allow for the safe and secure transport of cargo loads.

Our highly adaptable van seat conversions are designed to be simple and fold away, allowing you to transport either passengers or cargo with just a few quick moves. Unlike the average van seating conversion, they're available in a wide range of configurations and OEM upholstery types. Special van seats are ideal for creating more space for the carriage of special needs passengers in commercial vans. The design of these seats goes far beyond traditional dickie seats, providing flexibility and functionality without compromise on comfort.

Whilst safety and comfortably transporting a work crew or weekend passengers, our market leading Van seat range are quickly stowed or removed to enable your cargo requirements. Lightweight design, unique tip-fold-and remove action and an ergonomic styling and trim level that complements your van interior. You can't beat the dual purpose performance and ultimate space efficiency of these rear van seats. All seats have been tested to comply with ADR CODE OF PRACTICE VSB-5A.



Available in Triple, Double or Single Seat Configuration.

  • Strong, lightweight design
  • Single, double & triple seats
  • Integrated 3 point retracting seat belts
  • Contoured ergonomic cushion offering thigh & lumbar support
  • Adjustable head restraints
  • Optional Folding arm restraints (where vehicle width allows)
  • Genuine fabric (where available)
  • Fixed version available - forward or rearward facing
  • Forward folding, quickly removable
  • Child restraint anchorages for every position
  • Optional Bed Fold Upgrade



Positioned between the driver and passenger bucket seats, Jumps seat convert the standard two seat van to a useful three seat configuration. The seat presents a factory level of fit and finish and incorporates an integral lap sash retracting seat belt with a folding backrest and head restraint.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The installation of some Jump Seats may require removal of OEM bucket seat arm rests. OEM bucket seats with lumbar and other adjustment systems may result in differing seat cushions heights and may impact the functioning of those systems.


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Cabin Jump Seat Conversion

Mercedes-Benz Vito
Cabin Jump Seat Conversion

Hyundai i-Max Cabin
Jump Seat Conversion

Toyota Hiace LWB & SLWB
Cabin Jump Seat Conversion


  • Centre seat between OEM bucket seats
  • Integrated 3 point retracting seat belt
  • OEM seat upholstery (where available)
  • Fixed backrest standard
  • Child restraint anchorage
  • Category 1 ADULT seat
  • Optional Head restraint
  • Optional Folding backrest


  • Replacement bench for OEM passenger bucket
  • Integrated 3 point retracting seat belt for centre position
  • OEM seat upholstery (where available)
  • Head restraints standard
  • Child restraint anchorages
  • Fixed backrest only
  • Category 1 ADULT seat


Fiat Ducato G2 02/2007 to current JUMP  
Hyundai i-Max 02/2008 to current JUMP (Head restraint not available)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter JUMP  
Mercedes-Benz Vito 04/2004 to current JUMP  
Mercedes-Benz Vito CrewCab/ Vito Wagon/Viano/Valente JUMP (Low backrest due to floor mounted air-conditioning ducts)
Renault Trafic JUMP  
Volkswagen Crafter / LT 35 JUMP  
Toyota Hiace LWB & SLWB JUMP (Standard with Head restraint and Folding Backrest)
Volkswagen Transporter T5 DOUBLE (Not recommended for use in models that have seat mounted
AIR BAGS including Caravelle, Multivan and Transporter)

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