We can supply plush carpet with luxurious pile, marine carpet, economy cut and loop piles, original German and English. We are able to offer moulded carpets as well as full tailored carpets and rubber or PVC floors.

At Willshire we can trim, supply and fit your vehicle with:

• Moulded Carpets
• Moulded Vinyl Floor Coverings
• Parcel Shelf coverings
• Under Bonnet Insulation
• Spare Wheel Covers
• Underfelt & Floor Deadening
• Overlay Protection Mats in Rubber & Carpet

Carpet Repairs
The most common repair needed is when the heel wears a hole on the driver’s foot well from normal use of the pedals; this problem can often be solved cost effectively without having to replace the whole carpet. Heel pads will cover the hole and offer protection to your carpet, best of all it can often be done while you wait.


Auto carpet | Willshire  Auto carpet | Willshire  Auto carpet | Willshire

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