When your headlining material is flapping, peeling or falling down. This is not only untidy, but it can be a safety hazard by blocking your view out of the rear window. Headlinings are usually crafted from cloth that matches the rest of the car's interior. Over time, headlinings can become dirty, worn and detached from the surface.

Board Headliners
Board headliners use a formed heavy cardboard or fibreglass board that is installed on the underside of the roof. The board is covered with lightweight foam-backed fabric that has no seams. Board headliners are used on almost all modern cars. Headliners are designed by car manufacturers to last many years. Eventually, however, heat and sun take their toll and the headliner requires replacement.
It is not possible to repair these linings due to the deterioration of the foam, we need to remove the board and clean the old foam and material off before applying a new pre bonded foam and material.
Bow Headliners
Mainly on older vehicles, bow headliner material gets holes or the thread holding the headliner together rots out. In most cases, it is impractical to repair bow headliners - they usually need to be replaced. Fortunately, reproductions of some original headliner materials are still available, and our professional Trimmers are able to replace as new.

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