From small repairs to a full leather re trim, Willshire uses only the highest grade leather. Combine this with exceptional craftsmanship, a choice of colours and textures and the result is well crafted high quality leather interior. Don’t trust anyone else for your Leather interior.

Leather Kits
Want to transform the inside of your car into Leather, Willshire has leather kits available for a large range of vehicles.

Flat leather
Flat leather is the most common style that we do, it is easy to clean, and provides a genuine factory look.

Gathered leather
Gathered leather gives more of a luxury car appearance.

Perforated leather
Perforated leather gives an excellent contrast when used in conjunction with flat leather.

Custom and standard embroidery are available to keep that factory look or give the personal touch.


Leather Trim | Willshire  Leather Trim | Willshire  Leather Trim | Willshire  Leather Trim | Willshire


Leather Care
Leather is a natural product, therefore it bears natural characteristics such as grain, growth, and brush marks. These non weakening marks show the true nature of the hide and are hallmarks of leather.

In order to maintain the beauty of leather upholstery it requires regular cleaning and feeding. Where Leather is exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight it may shrink and fade. This is especially prevalent in the Australian summer.
It is essential to maintain your upholstery, including door trims using a reputable brand of leather care products.
Here at Willshire we recommend that leather is cleaned and conditioned at least every 6 months, but maybe as often as every 1-2 months for high mileage cars and cars kept in hostile hot environments.
The use of any chemical or abrasive materials for cleaning leather must be avoided. Detergents, such as washing up liquid, harsh household cleaners, furniture polishes, and solvents, such as petrol, white spirits, or alcohol should never be used on leather.
While these products may give initially impressive results, their repeated use will lead to rapid deterioration of the leather.

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