At Willshire we specialise in the repair and restoration of leather, cloth and vinyl seats. Whether you have a scratch, scuff, tear, burn or stain we can repair the damage. In the event of rips or cuts we also undertake restitching.

Our service includes repairs to vehicle seat covers, foams, springs and frames; general wear and tear, worn bolsters, deployed airbags, vandalism, cigarette burns and more.

Our experienced Trimmers can accommodate every type of seat repair you might require.
We maintain a large selection of leather and vinyl from different manufacturers.

If you have any of these, we can:
• Repair the damaged areas
• Install a replacement factory upholstery cover
• Replace one or several "panels" with the same or similar materials
• Re-upholster the seat completely in the same or similar materials
• Re-cover the seat completely in a new material
• We can use leather, vinyl or cloth, or we can install a leather interior conversion
The majority of seat repairs involve partial replacement of leather or vinyl. We have developed considerable skills in matching these materials by colour and grain.

We have in house welding facilities to repair broken seat frames. And can replace or repair springs, motors, tracks, recliner mechanisms and drive cables. 





Your Car Deserves the Willshire Treatment


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