Vinyl repairs is a process we undertake with our skilled staff to ensure that you will not notice the work we have performed to make your interior like new again.


Vinyl welding

Vinyl can be welded.
Willshire utilise a technique of vinyl paste compounds that are designed to be applied into damaged areas of vinyl.
The whole area is then heated to cure and solidify the compound, which welds into the surrounding vinyl.
The result is a flexible repair which can be expertly grained to form a texture and colour that matches the original.

Re-colouring and reconditioning

Re-colour faded parts or completely change items to any colour you choose. Recolouring systems are suitable for coating vinyl items and many other materials including leather. When used on vinyl they form a chemical weld that is so strong that the paint actually becomes part of the original rather than a coating. It’s tough, scuff-resistant and will stretch as far as the original vinyl. Can be applied over any colour base and to any item or fabric, clear glosses, ultra low sheens, metallic and pearl finishes.

Seat repairs | Willshire

Seat repairs | Willshire



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