At Willshire know that when demanding situations confront both drivers and vehicles, they often reveal what is lacking in original equipment manufactured seats. Stratos seats provide four wheel drive users with added comfort and lessen driver fatigue during On-Road and Off-Road trips. Whatever your four wheel driving needs, Stratos has a seat that suits you.



With over 18 years experience in design, development and supply of war-zone seating ranging from fork lifts to armoured personnel carriers, you can be confident in the robustness of your aftermarket 4WD seats.


Orthopedically Designed 4WD seat

The stylish Stratos 3000 Compact seat features a seat cushion which allows for ease of entry and exit and an ultra comfortable integrated lumbar support. The 3000 series backrest provides optimal lateral support and it's Sisiara energy absorbing base system lessens driver fatigue and ensures you have a comfortable journey. A seat for the true four wheel drive enthusiast.

This seat is popular in these applications

  • Transport industry
  • Emergency Servcies
  • Motorhomes

Key features

  • Orthopedically designed
  • Adjustable air lumbar
  • Side blosters on side backrest
  • One piece base cushion for ease of entry
  • Reel-type recliner

Trim options

Stratos 3000 LS

Sports Seat with Extendable Front Seat Cushion

The Stratos 3000 LS was specifically designed with the sports driver in mind. The Stratos 3000 LS features an extendable base cushion for added thigh support which can relieve muscular tension. Energy absorbing mesh reduces driver fatigue and increases comfort. The Stratos 3000 series backrest is ergonomically contoured to provide support for the lower back and a high degree of lateral support when cornering.

Trim options

  • Sports design
  • Adjustable air lumbar
  • Extendable thigh support
  • Excellent lateral support
  • Side bolsters on base
  • Side bolsters on backrest



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