Like any part of your vehicle, Soft tops need specialty care to ensure they last for years to come. Soft tops, like your interior, need a regular, non- harmful clean to ensure that dirt and particles aren't embedded into the material and contributing to it’s deterioration.


Specific products are required to clean your soft top and protect it from the harsh elements. A two-step process is always best for an effective clean and protection all year round.

Your vinyl & fabric top will last longer if you protect it from the start. There’s not much you can do to reverse damage once it’s already been done. Proper care is as simple as weekly washes with a gentle car wash product, monthly cleanings with a vinyl or Fabric top cleaner and monthly application of a protectant.

Willshire stock 303 Convertible Top Cleaning & Care Kits for both Vinyl & Fabric Tops along with VuPlex Cleaner/ Polisher for your clear vinyl windows.




Your Car Deserves the Willshire Treatment


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