Willshire are the leaders in commercial vehicle accessories, so it goes without saying that we are also the leaders in the commercial roof rack field.
Our range of commercial roof racks and ladder rails are manufactured from high impact, wear resistant materials and for an added advantage also made from anti-corrosive materials.

Our extensive range of commercial roof racks and commercial accessories include OH&S approved ladder loaders. Our ladder loaders include rear and side loading options for a variety of ladder types and sizes. We can also assist with roof rack accessories such as pipe and tool holders. If you are after some advice or a quote, please give us a call or drop in and see one of our friendly staff.


VAN RACK - van roof rack products

EcoRack Cargo includes multiple aerodynamic crossbars, high side rails and a roller. EcoRack Cargo is available in lengths up to 4.5m and is available for all light commercial vans.

EcoRack Commercial is an economical roof rack solution featuring multiple anodized aluminium crossbars and includes cargo/ladder stops at no extra cost. There is a kit available for every light commercial van available in Australia.

EcoRack Construction is a 2.6m long roof rack system. It includes multiple aerodynamic, heavy duty crossbars, high side rails and a roller. Due to its long length and unique mounting system, EcoRack Construction eliminates vehicle fatigue issues by maintaining the cabin and tub as separate units. It requires no drilling to install and suits medium sized utilities (Hilux, Ranger, Triton, Colorado, Amarok, Navara, BT-50, D-Max).

EcoRack Craftsman is an economical heavy duty two bar system for utility vehicles which includes adjustable ladder stops. It uses the same easy mounting system as the EcoRack Construction.

The EcoRack range also offers a wide range of accessories including ladder stops, clamps, conduit carriers and more.

Aluminium Conduit Carriers
Crash tested aluminium conduit tube (2-5m long x 125mm x 125mm) offers great security as it's fully lockable and provides greater load area and durability than traditional poly tube systems.

Ladder Clamps
It’s easy as 1-2-3 to remove and replace a ladder when you add a Quick Clamp.

Load Platforms
Aluminium ribbed platform profiles can be mounted on top of the crossbars to form a cargo platform (length 2-5 m, width 17cm)

Beacon Mounting Brackets
With special mounting brackets the beacon may be mounted onto the EcoRack crossbars.

Ladder Rollers
EcoRack's Ladder Roller makes for easy loading and unloading of long objects from the rear of the vehicle.

Cargo Stops
Adjustable cargo stops for EcoRack Cargo are designed to fix long objects onto the roof rack

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