Before choosing a towing solution for your vehicle it is important to determine what type of towing is going to be undertaken by the vehicle. At Willshire we offer a range of Towbars to suit your vehicle, for whatever your application may be.

The single most important piece of information needed first, is the weight of the trailer or any trailer that is intended to be towed in the future.

Willshire understand that highest quality materials are essential, teamed with the ability for rugged performance when considering your towing needs.

 Whether you are going on holidays or towing the work trailer full of tools, we can help you find a solution to suit your application.

A vehicle’s towing capacity is determined by the vehicle manufacturer.

The manufacturer will specify:

The maximum towing mass for the vehicle
The maximum ball weight for the vehicle
Our towbars are engineered to Australian Standard AS41771 and compliment the aesthetics of your vehicle. They are designed with a powder coat finish in order to meet the most demanding conditions.

Depending on what fitting your vehicle has, there are adaptors available should you not have compatible fittings with your trailer or caravan.

Rear Gal Steps

Rear gal steps are a safe way to access your roof or even a great tool for accessing the rear of your van. Your WHS officer will love the safety benefits and you will love the protection it also offers your vehicle.

Rear Gal Step & Towbar

Rear gal steps with towing facilities are a great way to access your roof and the rear of your van. With the option to tow you really maximise the use of your vehicle. Your WHS officer will love the safety benefits and you will love the protection it also offers your vehicle.

Rear Step & Loop

The rear step and loop bars are available in black or black and chrome and with or without towing. It is a great way to access the back of your vehicle or your roof all while protecting your bumper.

Heavy Duty Hitch Bar

Heavy duty hitch bars are popular for the removal hitch. These heavy duty tow bars are usually rated to the maximum tow capacity of the vehicle. The hitch tow bar is the preferred tow bar when towing heavy items such as horse floats, caravans and trailers.

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