Willshire in conjunction with Mobility Engineering has been providing mobility solutions for wheelchair users, striving to provide them with the freedom and accessibility that is needed to get by in today’s world. We specialise in the modification and adaptation of vehicles for the facilitation of wheelchair users. We provide solutions for a range of different vehicles, such as cars, vans and minibuses. We also provide modifications to facilitate wheelchair users in both passenger and driver capacity, allowing for greater independence for the user.

At Willshire, we believe that wheelchair users should be able to enjoy the same things as most people do. The ability to drive in this day and age has become a fundamental aspect of life. Without a car, activities such as shopping, family outings, moving and getting to work become a lot more difficult. As a wheelchair user, we believe that you deserve the same right to drive as everyone else.

Willshire was approached by the City of Unley to work on the Fit Out of a Mercedes Benz LWB Sprinter to be used as a Community Bus.



Your Car Deserves the Willshire Treatment


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