At Willshire, we believe that wheelchair users should be able to enjoy the same things as most people do. The ability to drive in this day and age has become a fundamental aspect of life. Without a car, activities such as shopping, family outings, moving and getting to work become a lot more difficult. As a wheelchair user, we believe that you deserve the same right to drive as everyone else.


Consequently we supply a range of solutions that allow you to drive without the aid of anybody else. Our solutions truly give our customers independence, allowing you to live your life unburdened. Have a look through the solutions we have on offer or give us a call and discuss your particular requirements.


Features of the Carony Go Power Wheel Chair

• A power wheelchair that finally enables you to travel in a standard small car! CARONY GO will take you from your home right into your car.

• Crash tested and certified to the strictest European standards (adopted in Australia) with an approved user load of 120kg

• Seamless integration with the vehicle. It uses a swivel base that allows the seat to transfer from the wheelchair to the vehicle. Your wheelchair seat becomes your car seat!

• The wheelchair is easy and practical both in the home and outside on uneven surfaces.

• The wheelchair’s frame can be easily lifted into the vehicle’s boot using a wheelchair boot hoist, which is fully powered and operated by a remote control.


Six Way Base
The 6 Way Base is a great innovation to assist a driver or passenger transfer to their wheelchair or scooter. This unique system electronically moves and rotates the seat into the rear cabin area of the vehicle to allow for transfer to your wheelchair/scooter whilst being protected from the weather, it can be supplied with an ergonomic seat or can even be used with your own cars seat (check suitability with your local installer). This conversion is suitable for most van type vehicles including: Mercedes Vito; Toyota Hiace/Tarago; Hyundai Imax; VW Transporter etc). Continue reading to see how the 6 Way Base System will revolution your mobility and independence!

From your wheelchair to the driver seat

The Autoadapt 6-Way Base is designed with a focus on the safety of the driver. It goes without saying that you, as a wheelchair user, should benefit from the same safety standards as any other driver.

It should be every driver’s right to be safe and comfortable

The Autoadapt 6-Way Base is crash tested according to global and European standards for vehicles. When seated at the wheel you use the vehicle’s original seat belt. The seatbelt receptacle in the 6-Way Base has been thoroughly tested including crash testing.

Attractive design

We know that as a car owner, you wish to keep the vehicle’s interior looking as neat as possible. We understand the reluctance that customers may have about making modifications to the car. Consequently, our goal has been to design a 6-Way Base which blends seamlessly with the vehicle’s interior design.

6 way base overviewStable and functional

It is essential that a driver has stable seating, which doesn’t sway when turning or wobble whilst driving on rough roads. The design of the 6-Way Base is made in a way to eliminate any sway in order to provide complete stability. The 6 Way Base is also has crash tested seatbelt mounting, you can be confident in its safety.

Optional foot platform

The optional foot platform follows the seat movements back and forth. The wheels underneath make it stable as it rests towards the vehicle floor.

Easy to operate
The three toggle switches activate: back and forth, up and down, rotation.




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