The Crossit Harness is a universal positioning belt system that is ideal for those that want versatility and portability. The Crossit Harness is highly portable in the way that it can be fitted into almost any seat. A gap between the backrest and seat is all that is required for the Crossit to be attached to the seat. This allows you to detach it when required and attach it to other seats. As a result, the Crossit can be used in wheelchairs, car seats, buses and even on airplanes. It is also easy to attach and detach, allowing you to take and use the Crossit wherever you may need it.

The Crossit is also highly versatile, as it has a one size fits all! Whether you are seating a child or an adult, the same Crossit can be used. This gives you peace of mind as you needn’t worry about your passenger outgrowing the harness. As a result, this harness is ideal for both personal and community transport alike. To see how the Crossit can be of use to you, contact us today.

Features of the Crossit

• One size fits all, catering for both adults and children

• Can be used in a wheelchair or vehicle seat

• Is detachable so that you can take it where you might need it.

• Requires no modification to the seat

• Easy to install and detach

• The Crossit conforms to the strictest European Standards (adopted in Australia) so that you can be confident in its quality and safety.

• An optional Chest Buckle can be bundled with the harness to better suit those that do not wish or cannot have the straps cross their chest.

• An optional booster seat pad with an anti-slide surface and belts for supporting the thighs is also available.



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