At Willshire, we understand the need to maintain independence. Vehicle driveability can be made possible with the addition of assisting controls into your driving space.

We have a diverse range of products to suit customers with different vehicles and different needs. Please check out our range by clicking on the products below and start your new more independent life.

Wheel Spinner Steering Device

For those that have suffered injuries or have certain conditions, the simple task of steering a wheel can prove to be difficult and tedious. To help individuals with such conditions, we provide the wheel spinner. To meet the unique needs of different customers, we offer a number of different knobs that can be attached to the holder. They all have quick-fit grooves so that they can be quickly removed when the car is driven by a person who does not require these aids.

Wheel Spinner Steering Device

A wheel spinner is suitable for drivers who steer the car with one hand, for example when driving with manual controls. Certain users require specially adapted knobs to ensure maximum safety.

1. Wheel spinner with wrist rest, suitable for tetraplegics
2. Wheel spinner with a short rest for a small hand, suitable for tetraplegics
3. Wheel spinner with a longer rest for a larger hand, suitable for tetraplegics
4. Wheel ball

Transmitter and Spinner Knob


The Kivi PV1009 is the next step in the evolution of remote transmitters and spinner knobs. The Kivi PV1009 is a newly ergonomically designed spinner knob that allows individuals with limited upper limb ability to steer a vehicle with ease. The ergonomic design of the device makes it easy to grasp and allows it be used for extended periods of time without feeling discomfort. Additionally, the PV1009 features a new a new visual design that will make it look great in your vehicle’s interior. The PV1009 also allows the user to access up to 11 auxiliary functions wirelessly with the push of a button.

The Kivi PV1009 is a product ideal for those that don’t want to compromise when it comes to ease of us, functionality ergonomics and aesthetics.




Features of the PV1009

• Infrared Transmission System

• 11 Auxiliary Functions

• 8 Button keyboard which can be programmed to match individual needs

• Back Illuminated Functions which allows the user to find relevant buttons in the dark

• Comes in different colours

• Electromagnetic Compatibility Cleared

• Complies with the strictest safety standards in Europe, which are applicable in Australia.

• Transmitter is powered by for extended periods of time using AAA batteries, making it easily replaced by the user.

• Available for vehicles with CAN-Bus systems.

Auxiliary Functions

• Lights (Changing from sidelights to dipped or full beam headlights, flash lights and reverse)

• Windscreen Wipers (Blinking, 1st and 2nd Speed)

• Front Windscreen Washer

• Rear Wiper

• Direction Indicators

• Horn

• Hazard Lights

• Foglights



Spinner Knobs

For a number of individuals, driving with two hands can prove to be problematic. This can arise from limited faculties in one arm or the need for the arm to operate other controls (such as accelerator and braking hand controls). Spinner Knobs are a simple yet effective tool to help individuals that have an impaired hand condition or require the other hand to operate other controls. The Spinner Knob enhances steering for these individuals by making it easier to turn the steering wheel with only one hand. The Spinner Knob is also a great complementary product for accelerator and braking hand controls.


Features of the Spinner Knob

• Quick-Release function that allows the Spinner Knob to be attached detached quickly and with ease.

• Bearings: Two quality free-running ball racers for smooth, reliable operation • Fine Leather Grain Etching to match the vehicle’s interior.

• Strong Clamp Jaws to prevent any movement once fitted.

• Large Clamping Surface which won’t damage the steering wheel.

• Quality materials: Injection-molded glass filled durable nylon components as used by mining companies for heavy duty applications

Optional Extras

• Wireless Control Module that allows you to access the vehicle secondary functions (such as indicators, headlights and horn) from the Spinner Knob.

• Comes in a variety of different handles to better suit different physical impairments.



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